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Q: Trying to buy tickets to a show or have other customer service questions?
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HBGB is a non alcholic, all ages listening space. It is a DESTINATION VENUE, meaning that the venue is only open when hosting a show. As such, there is no regular audience and we can only accommodate shows that are looking for a place to throw their event. While we provide some promotional services, including social media plugs, press releases, etc. the success of the show is dependent on the Artists and/or their Promoters throwing a successful event for their guest-list. We provide the production and other operational services, and you throw the party.

To rent the space to throw an event, please send us an email for a quote.

Alternatively, we have three regular events that you may be interested in joining, which are produced by independent promoters.


Free Fridays are a weekly event that is promoted directly to music enthusiasts (people who have attended HBGB shows before) to introduce them to new bands. This is a great way for a band that is new to the area and doesn’t have any fans here yet to have the best opportunity to play in front of new potential fans that will pay for a ticket to your show next time. This event is free and the bands can collect tips.


Saturdays are hosted by established local bands who are putting together an event to showcase themselves and their friends. If you are a local band that wants to host a showcase, please send us an email. If you are a touring band that knows a local band, ask to see if you can join their bill.


What better way to meet the local musicians of the scene than to jam together at open mic? Touring bands are welcomed to stop in and play their tunes and meet locals (we give touring bands extra time on their set.) Many touring bands have developed rapport with local musicians and promoters through open mic, and join together for future gig swaps. We encourage a $3 participation fee per act (optional) which offers the host/sound engineer a modest pay and helps the venue support this event, as this is a non profit event. Fans attend for free!

If any of these formats are what you are looking for, please continue by filling out an Artist profile and the following inquiry:


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